The Last Goodbye

We've walked a long way down the road

With smiles….and maybe tears

The journey seemed like only days

But has gone on for years

Our good times did outweigh the bad

Right up until the end

But then things you did too

On me you did depend.

I always tried to do my best

At times, I wondered why

But deep inside I always knew

That I would always try.

And soon the you I used to know

Began to fade away

I never knew what I would find

When I saw you each day.

Your mind, once keen, began to go

As did your body, too.

The person that I saw each day

I wondered, was that you?

You tried your best, but could not do

Those things that made!

And deep inside I knew quite soon

You'd feel that you were through.

But I would be there every day

To let you know my heart

And tell you it was time to go…

Though we would be apart.

And on that day, that final day

When you did breathe your last…

I gazed upon that face I loved

And knew the die was cast.

So I must ready now, myself

While others care for you,

To gaze upon that face I love

And know what I must do.

I steady now this trembling heart

Though inwardly I cry,

I know that I must follow through….

To say that last ‘GOODBYE'

by C J Browning

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