'The Last Journey'

He needed her she didnt have the time to share
he wondered this day did she really ever care.
His day should of been full of joy and laughter
he gave to her his love in this life and the after.

How cruel can she be to tease him as she did
making him feel all along she had nothing hid.
He adored her so but was hurting and lost
how could their love turn out a sham like frost.

She spoke with words as one never before
never faltering her feelings he was so sure.
No woman had he met as honest as she
playing games with his mind so cruelly.

He reached for the drink to comfort his pain
not one but two and poured another again.
The drink didnt help he felt numb all through
he just wanted to hold her and say I love you.

She had toyed with his feelings for a while
he for her would have walked every mile.
Over hot coals or broken glass for her love
but now she flies free as a beautiful dove.

Their favourite tunes he did sit and play
as he drank his way to oblivion that day.
Dreaming of plans they had talked about
startling himself as her name he did shout.

As he sat in the dark he could see her face
the hurt he was feeling nothing could replace.
How cruel can love be to steal love from me
feelings I have even though a man I maybe.

Dropping the bottle smashing on the floor
reaching for a shard he could take no more.
Easier to be gone than to live without love
as through the window a star he saw above.

All alone on this special day he had spent
the one he adored in silence she just went.
Not a sorry was said no explanation why
not even the guts or neve to say goodbye.

The shard of glass in his hand ready to cut
he could live no longer n this pain now..but
would he ever find love like this ever again
no he knew as he saw blood and felt pain.

Farewell to my love for she knew me true
taking a journey leaving my pain with you.
To a better place where you I can forget
being so in love with you I will never regret.

He went on his journey quielty that night
she walking one day a funeral in her sight.
A week passed by and a letter she read
from a friend telling of how he was dead.

Would she ever know the pain she gave
standing this day looking down at his grave.
Watching from above her stand and stare
not a tear fell that day she didnt really care.

She loved to tease and play with the mind
mentally torturing, love will she never find.
To walk away taking ones heart and soul
so selfish and cruel but that was her goal.

You never know when love you will find
just keep open your eyes dont stay blind.

6 march..7.49.uk

by Chris Boyles

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This one brought tears, chris. Love can be so cruel to us, we have no choice but to keep our 'gaurd' up.