The Last One

To my Best Friend

This is the last time I will say these romantic words,
and especially the last time I will mean it.
I love you.
I’m positive you don’t understand me,
but I do.
I love you for many reasons you won’t be able to see yourself.
You provided light at a point of my life where I was kept down
and you kept me company through days I couldn’t seem to live.
You taught me what love is, and indeed I fell in love for the first time with you.
I never stopped loving you, I hope you know that,
and I probably never will even when you shut me out
and even when you fall for everyone else.
You are an amazing person; it can’t be proven anything else.
But I am not about to go down a list of everything you are,
you can figure that out yourself.
I will always hold our bittersweet memories fondly in my heart -
it can never be replaced - and I hope you do too.
So if I died yesterday, or die today, or will die tomorrow,
just remember I loved you.

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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