Life Goes On

I sit and think, sometimes
Reflecting on the past
Then I hear your voice, saying
Life goes on

What went wrong between us?
How did we get to this?
So many questions, but only one answer
Life goes on

I really don't understand, what I did
It was a simple mistake,
A slip of the tongue, and you said
Life goes on

I said something that I didn't mean.
That I should never have said
It would have been easier to watch from a distance
Than to have to go through this pain that i'm feeling
But hey, as you said
Life goes on

by I Am Rebel

Comments (5)

You know Lori, each time I peruse your works I find another wonderful Gem or two. Can I be your groupie? ~Ray
No one gets out of this crab bucket that easily. Great poem, keep 'em coming. - chuck
One heck of an outstanding poem! Powerful!
Don't worry, maybe you'll kick the habit tomorrow! ps: I know how to play the guitar, that doesn't get me 'there' permanently, either (though it IS fun, and easy to learn) . I feel I've already been to the gym today!
Lori, that is a great piece. You've captured the mood well and I'm sure more than a few here can relate to it. Grand write.