IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Last Post.

The last post sounds and echoes round.
The neat and well kept burial ground.

Head stones in rows beneath the sky
to mark where our dead heroes lie.

Standing as if still on parade.
Each headstone looking newly made.

It is one way we show respect.
No more no less than I expect

Head stones don’t only signify
that battle weary soldiers die

They also serve who wait for men
who will not see their home again.

The last post makes us realise
That war destroys their families.

Each time I hear the last post sound
I’m filled with sadness so profound.

Tears spring unbidden from my eyes,
they always take me by surprise.

I’m not ashamed to let them flow
Because I’m old enough to know.

That real men aren’t afraid to cry
Despite the ancient common lie.

That men don’t let emotions show
and should not let their tear drops flow.

When I hear the last post sound
I can recall the battle ground.

Where so many comrades still lie
in foreign fields beneath the sky.

The last post serves to honour all
brave soldiers who sadly fall.

Not only friends but enemies.
Death selects quite randomly.

Young widows weep and mothers cry.
They have the right and so do I.

Tuesday,31 August 2010
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