The Last Roundup

The sun was coming up in beautiful array,
Looked like it was wonderful day.
We tightened our cinches, ready to ride.
Oden stepped on his young pony with a heart full of pride.

Oden in the lead, then we all scattered out
To start gathering cattle and shipping them out.
We were all so happy, having lots of fun,
Never thinking about losing one of our Native Sons.

We were coming in with the last of the herd.
We had a good ride, we were all feeling good.
Then I seen Oden and Frank, they were riding real fast
After a bunch-quitter, he was burning up grass.

We got them corralled when old Billy rode in,
Hollered, "Something happened to Oden," our wonderful friend.
We were feeling so happy with smiles on our face,
But now we had clouded over -- no smile, not a trace.

Not Oden -- it just couldn't be.
he was the best cowboy in this country, you see.
When we got there, there he lay on the ground,
All the cowboys gathered around.

It was a sad time - we felt a stab in our heart
To lose a good friend and see him depart.
He dies in the saddle with rope in his hand.
He died with his boots on, just the way he had planned.

I thank God that I knew him, thank God for his life,
Thank god for his family and his good wife.
God made a place for cowboys and sheepherders, too,
For you and me and all that are true.

So, goody, old cowboy friend.
We'll see you up there when our journey ends.
We'll ride white horses there in the sky,
Our Boss will be Jesus, nevermore to die.

by Marvin Carnagey

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