The Last Snowfall

The last snowfall
fell last night
as my little
darling girl
left this
old sad world.

Snow was her
play ground
her make believe
world, she use
to tilt her head
back a ways,
snow fell
gently and
softly into
her small mouth.

She would count
the days until
that first snowfall
would come to her,

each year of her
short tender life
she was so dear
to my heart,
but last night
the last snowfall

I heard her call
to me, daddy, daddy
come here and look
at the beautiful angels
around my bed.

Walking into her
room, all I saw
was a bright light
then she placed
her small soft hand
in mine and
she left this old
sad world.

My little girl
is now among
those angels
that she told me
and is standing
next to Jesus,
who she loved so,

the snow fall
will never be
the same again.

wrote 9-16-08 Note here BASED ON THREE SOURCES,
Hank Williams 'The First Fall Of Snow' and this little girl I knew who was hit and killed by a car at age 7 in 1975. and the song 'Before the Roses Bloom'

by James W Foulk

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