The Last Star In The Morning Sky

As the stars lose the battle to the morning sky they fall like flies eating raid the bug killer.

When the sun rises more and more only the stronger and brighter stars stay.

Until there is only one star left in the morning sky.

All alone in that big blue sky as if it’s the only one in existence.

It too starts to fade away losing its battle to the mighty bright sun.

The higher the sun goes the less bright the lonely star is.

The star is all alone and it’s sad as it watches family and friends fade away like many people see their family and friends fade away.

The lonely star is losing its battle and is falling to the suns powerful bright light.

Then the sun sets and the stars come out to play and light up the night sky. Then the cycle starts all over when the sun rise in the morning.

This is the life of the Last Star in the Morning Sky.

by Dustin Hoffman

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