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The Last Telling Of This Truth

i called myself on a telephone
wrote a billion pages then through em away
took the time to talk about it with my little lies
i cried for an ocean with endless living
the cueballs were curving around the stripes in the bar
i drove home after fighting with my own brother
i fell asleep in the car driving 400 miles
the time took long and i lost my mind
closed in that car like an endless montage
i got home and i wasnt surprised
my parents thought about drugs how i used them alot
i threw up in the morning at dawn
took my freind with i was a cause
i made the death all through the day
found my best freind then threw his life around
i got back home and yelled at the top
i gave away all i had even from leaving my stuff in sequence
i gave up then stumbled across a girl that liked me
i took her for a long walk and struggled to hide
that shes trying to engulf my soul
im total crime the punishment lost
though she feels sick at my sudden surprise
i cry now cuz im dead in a door
everyone pays to open the knob and see me be
im known to me as a completly new human being
seeing the world now knows me insane
the course of my history now is a scrap
the cooking girl was baking me gingerbread love
she eats the cookies with me
i look and smile while she dips in milk
she gets real strong and tries to overpower my life
now im silly like a puzzle
try to figure out what you've discovered
im not what you think your stupid full of blood
thick as a body in front of a hall
she smothers and calls for me still
though im listening to her ears
the real truth is i think
she wants to love but gets so sick
shes lost her fight
but likes to try
she touches my spines
and curls a twine
i shiver and try,
to summon the doll
and call her away to the bridges
so she can cross and learn whos shes not
the doorbell sounds are now gone
but my mind still is not
for the matter of it is
i hate this girl with emotion
and the plane that cover my shadow
i dove along an ocean trench
was stuck underwater for 37 days
and im now out with wonder
of whos around now that im alive
better start thinking before i die

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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Wow! I do not know who I am writing to. But whoever kept this man's writings, did the world a favor. This man could write! ! And to the person that saved these verses, Thank you very much. These poems are a must read! A ten.