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The Last Time
KS (2/28/1995 / )

The Last Time

Poem By krista something

the last time i saw you
it felt like hell
without you
sometimes i feel like
crying even tough
you cant see me
the last time i hugged you
i felt so sad
now i dont
have no arms to come to affter
i come home home
affter a hard day at shcool
the last time
i even talked to you
it felt like
i was going to die
if i dinnt see you no more
half of my heart
was feeled
with fright
and the other half
was gone
because affter you left
it felt like i wasen't
even there
it was love a first sight
untin you left me
with fright
and fighting for my life
now these days
nobody see's me
when i wish i could
see you
but i now i cant
just to let you now
half of me is gone now
and not there any more! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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