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The Last Whisper
JL (10-31-49 / Breese Illinois)

The Last Whisper

Poem By Josette Lager

Charles Foster Kane
Citizen Kane, what a
pain you were what a
pain you were and yet
you had a greatness
about you that no one
could deny.

Memories of childhood
were elusive with no
exclusives in sight so
you transferred all your
love to paper and decided
to write, write, write.

How can one miss what
one never had but it didn't
turn out all that bad did it?

You owned all those fancy
rags to brag about and not
one of them was a dud so
how ya' like them apples
rose bud?

So I'll visit you now and then
and throw some petals upon
your grave I'll sing amazing
grace how sweet the sound
and here you are now in this
place in the ground.

Josette Marie Louise Lager

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