Should Of Been Me

An old couple walked down the street
And that is where we did meet,
Happy and joyful at each others side
Their love and companionship they could not hide,
They complimented each other with every step they took
As though they fallen from a romance book,
She held his hand and he held onto her arm
They protected each other from sadness and harm,
They talked to me about their life together
And how they were one, and they belonged to each other,
Then when I looked into their eyes I was happy what I saw
Faith and devotion, and the obeying of GOD'S law,
They had journeyed a great distance in life which is true
Through both good and bad times and hardships as two,
And now their journey together in life is almost finished
But their love for each other will never be diminished,
They walked very slowly as they walked away
So I said good bye to them, at least for that day,
Together they had loved, honored and obeyed
And never to the other, had they lied or betrayed,
I smiled as I was joyful that them I did see
But then sadly I thought, that should of been me.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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Comments (4)

A very beautiful love poem that has a certain sadness to it as well.
eila this is very beautiful i felt this poem it gave me a warm feeling that touched me deep within Warm regards AJS
Oh my gosh, this is so...beautiful Eila. This is exactly how I felt whenever I looked into my husband's eyes. I really loved this poem. Sincerely, Mary
This poem fascinated me! I really like it. I love the final stanza and especially the final embrace. Excellent. Warm regards, Seán