The Latter Rain

Behold how the atomized droplets of the ocean
Are sun-powered and airlifted to the waiting clouds,
There to be electrified by God's thunder and lightning.
Hear how they break the eternal silence of infinite space!
Blessed from above, rain falls without fully falling,
As if its awesome immensity taps at our life -
Either as God's celestial shower of magnanimous mercy
Or worldwide cascading waterfalls of life's existence,
Revitalised rain emptying itself so that the world below survives!
Mankind's cleansed of its failure or excess, all is derailed...
What's ours by our birthright is creation in its wholeness.
Behold the rain, its service is free to one and all...
Its faith is in our universal humanity -
Ever bent by sin yet seeking that same level with Heaven,
We are like the rain, nourishing the weary Earth once more
With the repeated rapture of this wondrous redeeming desire.

by Denis Martindale

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