The Laugh Of God

the morning after heavy drinking
last night's liquor
straps me to my whirling bed
and makes me wear
a stethoscope
that was lying in a gutter
amidst all nervous traffic & bus stop conversation

the garbage truck always comes
crashing down the street
and the ice cream man always
stops outside my window
like the morbid punchline to
some divine joke

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or like when you wake up at 3: 30 a.m. and are dying of thirst so you get up and drink a gallon of ice cold water....which reactivates your drunk...sending you staggering back to the bed that begins to whirl all over again....and you suddenly find yourself kneeling all over again at that great porcelain altar - wondering why the hell you did this to yourself again! Not that I'd know or anything. Bravo.
I like the imagery in this one. It's simple yet still quite powerfully expression particularly to those of us who have had a hangover or five.
Your dying amidst the bustling life outside. I like this one Hassler