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The Lavender
BM ( / The Lake District)

The Lavender

I walked through a meadow
across a salty lake
I stared at all the wonders
to burn away the hate
I sat on the bench and stared
Over the town I loved
Untill i came across your house
and it churned my fickle blood
The lavender plant had died
to leave a decripit remain
I thought to taste all i cried
but managed to abstain
What about the present?
It didn't mean a thing
I used this belt to beat my skin
to all it holds within
My face has worn its shine
to almost see the bone
The weathering, it took no time
When I cared for staying home
So I picked the wilted flower
I nursed it back to health
The sun had brought us both new life
Now the lavender holds my wealth

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