The Law Of Helping And Giving

There are many gifts we can give every day.
To our fellow men as we work and play.
Show appreciation to those who need recognition,
Helping them to realize their planned ambition.

Give forgiveness to those who have done us wrong,
So they can appreciate release and sing a song.
Give understanding to those in confusion,
Helping them to sort out their direction.

Help those who have become discouraged,
To developed their own enthusiasm and be encouraged.
The law of helping and giving becomes a positive force
As we emotionally and intelligently apply it, of course.

Remember the way in which you give things away,
Many more things will come to you to stay.
Remember to be generous in all you give,
And it will help you enjoy, a better life to live.

We should give; boldly, constantly and freely,
The more we give the more we have to give; really.
Realize that mental growth uplifts your thoughts and mine
"Impossible" is of human origin, "possible" is divine.

by John A. Strommen

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