I was 14 when I first did it
The drugs felt so good
The feel of the whole world lifting
I was free, free to do what I want
The endless possibilities,
The more I took the higher I went
Endless rainbows pouring out like blood,
That is usually were addicts begin to worry
Not me though, I was high as I kite
Care free to what was going on around me,
One last dose would set me free for ever
I took every last dropp and injected it into my vein,
Knowing full well what it would do,
My friends said to try it, its good they told me,
I was daft enough to try it,
Looking back I was desperate to fit in
But I have come this far,
I can’t stop now can I?
Laying here, so full of drugs,
Losing consciousness rapidly
My last words…
It doesn’t matter if u fit in or not
The drugs will kill you in the end

by james chaplin

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If I'm not mistaken, this poem is engraved on a state building (across from the capital) in Sacramento, CA. I've wondered what it meant, and why it was engraved, ever since I first saw it, on that building.
Well now, how stirring to the blood is this? Nothing subtle about the approach or the execution but that was not the intention. What it sets out to do it does full-measure. I doubt this style of verse-making has ever been done better. England bore him but the Yukon made him.