The Laws Of Exploitation

Hunted and sought,
As if items reduced purposely...
To seduce a selling,
Of what is bought at a lower price.
And made to feel to stay cheapened.
By a marketing device,
Prolonged to remain in minds that way.

The advantages of being underprivileged.
The poor.
Solicited to find their bargains,
In basements below mainstream doors.
To think the rich and others 'lucky',
Are not victims of a 'Capitalism' like this.
With all affixed to kept beliefs,
That what they earn they actually keep.
Away from crooks and petty thieves.

Yet high in towers.
And above floors sitting behind exclusive doors.
Are those wearing suits and picking pockets,
Annointed and taught,
The laws of exploitation.
Finding it effective and successful,
To disguise their profits made...
By creating division between the races.
With it known how lucrative it is for them,
If mindsets remain this way.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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