DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

The Lazy Poor Poet [limerick]

There once was a lazy poor poet,
But indignant she didn't quiet know it.
Just one bad review,
And her blood turned all blue,
But she carried on much prouder for it.

One star: it is plenty enough.
For the tripe, for the drivel, and cruft.
When it doesn't keep time,
Paints no image, nor rhyme -
Well no thank you; you've written enough.

You may say that this limerick's a bore -
Because you don't get metaphore,
So you'll no longer see
Any critique from me.
Cry and moan - you'll get five stars for sure!

If you think that this poem's about you:
So sorry - it's probably true.
But just 'cause you write it
Let's not get excited.
The world doesn't centre on you.

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Awesomeness... (coined word, sorry)
LOVE IT! You could include many PH poets as well. Amicalement votre, Ronberge
I love it... give critique at all times.. but on this site votes get the back up (guilty, but only because I know those who vote my work down don't read them anyway) .. I love people to say why they don't like a poem... good for you...
dedicated to poets on who can't bare having their mistakes pointed out to them.