The Learnt Lesson - Part 2

Watching through the window
The detention for the kids,
Drooping their heads in sadness
Though underneath their eyelids.

They play the game again,
Where they cause the trouble once more,
For inside they are trouble
Right up to the core.

The teacher steps in smiling,
For these kids tipped the rocks,
Rustled up all the evil
And waited for the clocks.

Winding people up
Till Heaven they reached long ago,
Due to all the trouble
The children still, pretend not to know.

For the other class learnt a lesson,
They played in their sorrow dreams,
But now they shall watch their peers,
By no happy means.

The teacher takes a knife
and dangles it in the air,
A child lifts his head,
His eyes shed no care.

Though soon his kneck screamed,
As agony jumped from bones,
Some other troublesome children,
Got the crazy moans.

The children watched in horror.
But just wouldn't still abide.
So on the head's' request.
A trip to a caves inside.

But for some agony was enough.
Now for some dreams as death arises.
The children watch.

The other class learnt to abide.
But these children need the basics.
So they sat with knives in their hearts.
Listening to a little story about a child. Who listened.

And was kind to people.
And learnt in the classroom.
Their breaths echoing round the walls
The agony was shown.

Blood leapt in the corners
as a neck was demolished.
He didn't pay attention.

Some drowned whilst others
came out shivering.
With bits and pieces remaining.
Their insides dead.

Knives in their hearts.
To live.
With another lesson.
Just as those before them, suffered..

by Viraj Bhanshaly

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