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The Leaves Of April
DQ (06/05/1957 / United States of America)

The Leaves Of April

leaves in spring are tender occurrences
sprouting heavenward with a vibrance
that the blue jay mimics at my doorway
a warbling kaw in ridiculous showmanship
he ruffles feathers and leans in with an intrepid
mannerism as if to dare me to mark his territory.

men and women preen and strut in springtime
as well, after a current of jumping rope and jogging
to prepare for the abundance of potential marketing
that can take place at happy hours, malls, and
in front of street vendors. Hoping Mr. or Mrs. Right
with traverse their path, view silkened tan skin
with fit muscles and lean masses of preponderance.

Then summer arrives like a rouse denoting who
has won the race to coupling before the fall holidays.

(an ode to spring..)

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the leaves when deep green by the grin spring when braces up the luscious skin......................yet ingeniously lucid by imagery, the verse of unique genre, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing
I didn't know this went into a community poetry review page-sorry for multiple posts.