The Lecher

The lecher loiters here and there in search of a Lolita
Looks lecherously at the tender young chap and licks his tongue
Wishing he'd have a glimpse of below her waist
Dreaming of her shirt being turn apart
That he might rumble the balls in between her arms

Lechers are cowards and deadly lazy bones
They wish to have back their eaten cakes
Prefering to die digging without results
Happy to announce that they dig for golds
Yet having non to show for it
Pouring ejaculated chemicals at the other end
But never letting it reach a fruitful destination
Ready with denial if they ever breed a seed

Lolita beware how and to whom you part your legs
Lechers are dogs of vandalism
Let lose by the great enemy angel himself
They crave your flower and beauty and purpose
And leave you worst than the enemy ever wished you

Drawing you close with smooth speech and slithery tongues
And entice you with lustful fading fashions
How eventually you'll hate yourself
For perambulating within the walls of devilish architectural design
You then shall wish you were not born at all
For the stigma never gives way for sure
And memory of it rules your life
With a deep stain that never goes off any matter the cleanser
Even when it is not physically visible for life you shy away
For deadly enemies are never outside the walls

The lechers loiter here and there
Wishing Lolita lose her path and yield not to counsel
Feeling it right for her to taste the sugar of adulthood
And fly the sky like a free bird

Fun is cheap and pleasing is sweet
But its bitterness surpasses that of the ‘onugbu'
If it hadn't come through the right doors

Await your turn sweet Lolita
For a child that ties her mother's wrapper blindfolds herself
Those rubies your body carries and the curves that make brains tingle
Never expire and their sweetness is ever sure

Whatever you do oh precious Lolita
Never have a sad tale to tell
"Had I known" often follows bitter actions

by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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