The Legend Of One Red Rose

The meaning of just one red rose
It's plain for all to see
It is just this, my love for you
And what it means to me

So take this rose and with it's love
Be mine, If near or far
Remember too my love for you
And stay the way you are

I miss you and the days grow long
When you are out of touch
So take this rose and always know
I love you dear, so much

Give a thought to me each day
Love as not passed you by
Feed your rose with teardrops
If to love me makes you cry

There will be no love stronger
A love known by so few
From the one, who gives you this red rose
And all it means to you

Good luck, good health, God bless dear
May I see you every day
Pray my love be always with you
Till the last rose, fades away.

by A. Ed Bollington

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I met a girl name Kaitlin her red hair red as fire I said hello as she looked at me, as Elvis sang " as fools rush in."
It's a poem meant for the bachelor (I mean that In a really good way) I really liked it alot
it is a nice poem by regina talley