The Legend Of The Fisherman's Tree

Since Peter, a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, was also crucified upon a tree,
Or the loving Peter died, for doing his Lord's words, after
Jesus, his Lord, and ours, had died, Many years before, or
He Died, or was also crucified, for the sins of sinners, and
So, He died for loving both you, and me-

So, the "Romas Soldiers came for Peter, and Peter didn't deny
his Lord this time, or that he was doing his Lord's work,
And he told these soldiers, who threatened him with crucifixion,
that he "would be honoured to die the way his Lord Jesus Christ had died: -

This statement, by this loving, big Fisherman, was the reason,
these Roman Soldiers crucified the poor, loving Peter upside
down, but not on cavalry, and they even used a different tree -
Peter was then placed beside the roadside to die, and this loving,
(and beloved, by our Lord Jesus Christ) Fisherman died a martyr
And cruelly, these soldiers had left this "Fisherman of Men" beside
this roadside, so that all of our lord's people, who walked that
way, might see -

That other tree was the Redbud tree, Which was also large in
those days, or as large as the magnificently beautiful Dogwood had
been approximately 2,100 years ago, and our Lord Jesus Christ,
And Heaven's angels wept that day, as the faithful, loving Peter
hung upside down, dying upon that tree, but Jesus' wrath wasn't
placed upon mankind, but He, again, placed a curse upon
Another tree, or upon the Redbud tree... (or upon another tree)

So, as He had done previously, with the Dogwood tree,
Jesus dwarfed the once large, magnificently beautiful, and
majestic Redbud tree, so that it could never be used as a
cross large enough to hold up any man,
Yet, although it is smaller new, it is still wondrously
beautiful, as is the Dogwood tree these days, and He
Arranged these trees, generally, almost always together
for us to remember to love one another, and the Dogwoods,
and those Redbud trees together, (Or generally) they
are close to each other, and they're magnificently beautiful,
or together, they're as beautiful, as beautiful can be -

So, nowadays, or during each "Springtime," and before, during,
and after each "Eastertime," we shall see these trees, nearly
always together, because the Lord loved this loving
or beloved Fisherman, named Peter, since Peter had given up his life for Jesus Christ, or "The Son of God," or for Him,
And our Lord Jesus Christ, was also crucified, And He
Also died, because He loved us all unconditionally, and our Lord died for our sins, since we are all sinners, so, He died for you, and for me - ...

Dedicated to St. Peter,... and Jesus Christ once told His disciples, that Peter, was "the rock" upon which He would build His church! (in the New Testament or King James version of "The Holy Bible")

The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra (a Greek), once said: "No one has the right to destroy one (written) human thought!" (She told this to Julius Caesar, when the Romans burnt "The Great Library" in Alexandria, Egypt). Alexandria was named after "Alexander the Great (a Greek as well).

by James Davis Sorrels, Sr.

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