The Legend Of The Lord's Flower

Jesus Christ was crucified nearly 2,100 years ago . . .
He died for the sins of sinners, or
for those who repent of their sins,
And accept Him, as their personal
saviour, and we should love Him,
Although we have not seen him,
for no one may enter His Kingdom,
except by Him, or by His grace,
and mercy; since Heaven awaits,
only those who love, and in
Heaven, this "Spirit of Love"
never, ever, ends . . . He left "signs" of His love, all
around, 'Lest we forget, and there
are those "Signs" of "His Special
unconditional Love" on the pure
white blossoms, of a dwarfed by
Him, yet, still, the most beautiful of
trees, or the dogwood tree, with
blossoms, as purely white, as
snow . . . He died for His people, and these
"signs" are "His loving reminders,"
of a love that will last for those
who will love Him, and put no
other God's before Him,
forevermore, and in loving
remembrance of Him, when we see
"His signs," we should let our love
for Him, always show . . . There is also another "sign," and
He placed it all around, and it is
in the form of another flower, that
"springs up from the ground," that
I know.
And He arranged them closely, or
in the form of a "loving bouquet,"
And they are lovingly, always
together; each "springtime," and
they are all the color of a clear
day's twilight blue . . .
So, they are another "sign" for
those who love, and who do care
for others, or also, for those who
allow themselves to forgive others
too, as we will want to be forgiven
by Him some day, for those "sins,"
we, so often do . . .
Nowadays, He has "His flowers all
together," which helps make them
easier to spot . . .
And this flowers name, or His
"sign," with "His message" to "His
people," are both the same, or
"Forget-Me-Not" . . .

by James Davis Sorrels, Sr.

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