IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Legendary Upas Tree For Friend Chandra

The legendary Upas Tree

As I drew near the Upas tree
I felt a sudden lethargy.
I was devoid of energy
The Upas tree had captured me.

To satisfy its appetite.
With promises of sheer delight
it undermined my will to fight.
I must resist with all my might.

I will succeed in breaking free
and then destroy the Upas tree.
Then I discover suddenly
I am inside the Upas tree.

This is no dream or fantasy.
Alas it’s grim reality.
My struggles were to no avail
The tree must win I had to fail.

If you should find a Upas tree
avoid it very carefully.
Few men caught by this strange tree
ever succeed in breaking free.

One man lived to tell his story
How he escaped eventually.
But no one believed that there could be.
A sentient man eating tree.

I was a fool and paid no heed
To tell the truth I saw no need
and that is how I came to feed.
The Upas tree’s unholy greed.


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O! Ivor! I do hope that you'll eventually brake free from that horrible tree - only for my friends sake, for i know she wouldn't want to go on holidays with out you.........