(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'The Legs Have Come Back(For Ruthie)

'The legs have come back! '

The eyes shouted

swimming around in
the goldfish bowl.

My mouth
remained tight-lipped

upon the perch

in the budgie's cage

And indeed
the legs

who had taken themselves off
and gone for a walk

around about midnight

on their own

had returned
(without any explanation)

of where
they had been

or with whom.

They had scratches
about the knees

& a telephone number
(written in biro)

on the left inner

I tried
to pull myself

'Damn the demon
drink! '

I thought slurridly
before passing out.

a...gain! '

But I was in bits
couldn't get a grip


My brain had gone
riding the lift

up 'n' down
up 'n' down

all night

with one of my arms.

The other arm
was alseep.


This was sparked by seeing a Helmut Newton shot of just that...a pair of just attractive legs in heels standing at an open door with the caption THE LEGS HAVE COME BACK. I couldn't resist writing it!

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Comments (3)

Welcome legs! ...interesting subject - and very creative imagination... How funny, in fact often pair of legs kindles the imagination more highly than a complete figure. Or maybe the imagination is kind of a mouth and needs to take its 'food' in bites - the pictures in fragments...
haha, great idea for a poem...everyone needs legs they'll take you a long way, don't forget your legs, you can't go off without them, mine go all the way up to my bum.......da dum, hairy legs, fat legs, skinny legs, short legs, bony legs, long legs...legs, legs, legs....... Ruthie: O)
It's amazing where they come from but while they are coming who cares and when they inspire a poem this good it's a bonus. I loved that you were legless when you were seeing the legs heehee