The Leopard's Call

Villager Said to Leopard.

'' Move Away From My Sight
To Save Myselves I Have my Natural Right.''

Villager Continued.

'' Your Presence Has been a matter of Apprehension
My Security Needs urgent Attention.''

Leopard Said.

'' Your Apprehension is but a Fake Reason
To Hunt us is your Intention.''

Villager Said.

'' Not only is your presence Dangerous to men
But also to our Cattle.''

Leopard Said.

'' Doesn't your Argument needs to Throw Light
How Will I Satisfy my Appetite.''

Villager Disaffirmed.

'' Your Presence is such Dangerous
Isn't your Attack such Vicious.''

Leopard Said.

'' Your Query is Worth to Affirm
But Security of both Shouldn't you Confirm.''

Leopard Continued.

'' From Several Years I Have been hunted under the reason of security
All this has to be stopped or else My Extinction Will become a Possibility.''

Villager Said.

'' If your Security requires Assurance
I Need some Guidance.''

Leopard said.

'' Whenever a Leopard Catches your Vision
Bring it to the Forest Department's Attention.''

Leopard Continued.

'' If urging a Forest official to patrol near the possible area happens to be the possibility
Then a possible Assumption will be Security.''

Villager Said.

'' Always Assure some kind of security
To make possible your Safety.''

Villager Said.

'' Never Leave Old Men Disabled and Children Alone
Always Accompany them
Such that their Security becomes an Affirmed Assurance.''

Both Said.

'' With The Apprehension close to Leopard's Extinction
All you have to take are cautious and responsible steps
Such that saving the Leopard becomes an Affirmation.''


by Rohan Bendre

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