I And You! How Much Difference! ! !

I: full of temptation of being with you
You: full of hesitance of leaving me
I: full of beautiful emotions of living with you
You: full of cold emotions of leaving without goodbye
You: won my heart without me
I: just gained loneliness of your heart
When my heart wanted to back in your love again
I hit it, broke it, took it and throw it away
I and moon and night and our flower garden, but
You and poem and pain and our endless story
I and your memories and eyes full of tears
You and my shameful glance and thirsty lips
I and the willing to reach the sky with you
You and willing to abounding to an anonymous region alone
I and foolish and an endless love
You and leaving a lover alone…

by fatima salahi

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I see that PH has not fixed the errors I mentioned in my earlier comment last June.
a bit of updating and it'd be a great poem to hook a kid on verse
I prefer the reading of The Leprechaun's Ball.
A fanciful tale and interesting to read, but whoever typed it into Poem Hunter made a couple of spacing mistakes: catch TH ETINY clamour so we MAKEA shoe Will PH ever fix it? Do they ever read these comments? It was last edited on 29 June 2012. Let's see if they will fix it now (or not) .
onomatopoeia galore and the sounds are so clear the leprechaun or the shoemaker Either which is dear