IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Lesser Of Two Evils.

Do gooders have done their best.
To end effective punishment.
Although their ideas fail the test.
Let criminals do as they please.

They’re well aware they’ll get away
with almost any kind of crime.
In the lawless world of today.
In my opinion it’s past time.

To reintroduce discipline.
The birch, the cat and yes the rope.
Society must redefine
soft options which cannot cope.

With those that choose to break the law
To other peoples detriment.
The only way is to restore
a healthy fear of punishment.

The general public would agree
to bring back corporal punishment.
Including the Death Penalty.
But can’t convince the government.

Who fear adverse publicity
and lack the moral fibre to
protect all of society.
Instead of favouring the few.

Who batten on the rest of us
Because the Government daren’t act.
Their arguments are spurious.
I see this as established fact.

Perhaps mine is a biased view.
I could be wrong I must confess.
The question which I put to you.
Do you agree: Say no or yes.

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