The Love For Lust

Wake me up from this dream,
Nothings ever as it seems.
This secret gift we do not share, leaves me wondering if you'll always be there.
You bring me up when I am down.
You make me smile when you see a frown.
Being with you is our own perfect world.
A great escape from our reality that leaves us bored.
I am yours as you are mine.
A special love thats so devine.
Through the years there will be tears.
Lots of laughter and conquering of fears.
I give you my body my mind and my soul,
your love completes me, it makes me whole.
You are so perfect in every single way.
I can't live without you not even a day.

by Candi Kelly

Comments (5)

Now you are a broken, starving hound. And they don't even remember you. Oh! What was wrong with you then? .see always the future and work with a definite plan.... then you will not suffer later..... very good advice for all young ones....... thank u dear poet. tony
Nice one and gives alot of motivation to act wise
Amazing thoughts..great job sir
So much of thoughts on set. Lesson to be learnt by all. Thank you 😄
A really good one A good encouraging end