January the beginning of New Year
Of great celebration by everyone
Good fun and cheer
Happy gathering
Wonderful feasting
Free drinking
Always talking
Innocent teasing
Endless laughing
after the festive season
Mind not willing
To go back to working
Still dreaming of holidaying
How selfish can we get!

Life is not about enjoyment all
year round
There's a time to work
A time to play
Praise God
New Year is not every day.

by Toshie Nohara

Comments (126)

It is amazing how many people have missed the point here. I look forward to telling Roger McGough how I used this funny poem in class.
Haha, talk about a cat amongst the pigeons! A breath of fresh air in these stultifying times of political correctness! !
This poem was written over thirty years ago, to condemn it for the subsequent societal developments in the US is just silly.
not funny at all why is a school massacar funny
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