BW ( / Ann Arbor)

The Letter

The Letter lay on the table far off
mocking her with every move.
A mystery, immersed in an ebony envelope,
daring her to come closer.
Gliding slowly toward the letter,
she could feel her heart beat inside her chest.
There it lay.
Glaring at her with a twisted grin.
She reached out and touched it
as the white hot pain coursed through her veins.
Fumbling with the corners,
she slowly tore it open.
Immediatly regretting her fatal actions,
she saw the painful letters scribbles across the page:

'take your heart back,
I don't need it anymore'

She mouthed the words over and over again,
as tears splattered onto the crisp parchment.
She softly wept for hours
until she was drowned in memory.
She neatly wrote a reply
to this painful request.

'keep it. I have no use for it either.'

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What a perfect poem... perfect in all, in the feeling, imagery, use of words! I have a great deal of respect for someone who can write so well! *~*Elya Thorn*~*