(11/09/46 / freelance oregon)

The Letters F E A T '90

exert existence everyday
each execution eligible eduse the edge
effort from ego-trips, elevate
eel tearing tornados effluvium tracheas
egress tortures anolog forced telepaths
Edison took traces to educate, tentacles
tearin the time to act feverly,
effigys are teasing feather airs
tearing eyes from the amputee
theorize the augur each feeling felt thrones artificial experiences
ashore to the friars farm
they fritter free-on-board
this friction fell from tall tale trance
anti-social tacid emceeing
the ember told an array artery
first and foremost thence across earsplitting ease
anomaly a epidemic euphony

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Extrordianary! Explosive! Emphatic! I am elated to have read some of these poems! I feel Exuberant! ! A ten.