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The Liar Inside
NC (28/01/91 / Manchester)

The Liar Inside

Poem By Natalie Clyne

Tears of anguish are what I cry
Every time you stand near by
You look at me with those eyes
How could I know you were living a lie?

Saying something, yet meaning different
Day-in, day-out, all the time
I always stuck by you
Believing what you said was true.

I asked you a question
A simple question it was
Yet you could not answer it
As the liar inside of you was lit

What you want from me
I cannot give
You ask me to be something I’m not
I’m different
Please, just except me for who I am
Because I’m not about to change
For anyone, and that’s a promise

I listen to my heart and always have
That is how I know that I am doing the right thing!

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