The Libyan Sibyl

There on the ceiling of the Vatican
Look up and see in Michelangelo's Plan,
Depicted a movement so exquisite of form
Standing out among the lustratlove sworn
Oh Libyan Sibyl of her I speak
Of Gesture; strong, inspiring and unique
Of the lifting and turning of her lovely back
See great beauty in this pose revealed
A jewel-far above-in a genius field. Patience Monumental Patience has its own romance
When one assumes a model's stance
How still one can be for ages,
Think of the model's job in all its stages
Patience if used in a "frozen" pose
Is a virtue as easy as a doze
The artist appreciates and applauds
The model with the equanimity of the Gods.
(But for eye's blink or a breath there's some room)
Though a calm nonchalance one should assume.
The patience allied with art is an easy thing!
When Thespia had to read the many members vows.
Along with patience it did the voice arouse!

by Alice L. Lawrence

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