The Lie

there was a time we use to be one
there was a time we use to have fun
but then you turned into an ass
and then became the pass
so then i sooned moved on

you hooked up with another girl
and i hooked up with ur friend earl
we had sex and u started to care
and then you starting asking where
and i told u in ur mom's bed
and that i also gave him a head

you freaked out and ran back home
the next day in school u didnt show
u didnt show for 7 days long
so i decided to ask your mom
when i ask her this is what she said
she told me that you were dead

i guess it turned out that you hung yourself
and she said i should be ashamed of myself
i looked puzzled so then i ask her why
and she said i was the cause of the suicide

i laughed and thought about what i said
the whole thing about giving a guy a head
i told myself 'i dont no why you'd want to die'
speaking that everything i said was a lie

by Brittany Beery

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