The Lie

She believes I'm a lie.

Too good to be true.
Too good?
For who?
She see's my exterior,
The truth.
She hears my interior,
Nothing so pure should co-exist.
Again, Im too good to be true.
My mind, doesn't match my lifestyle.
Im humble, yet arrogant.
Im the truth, yet a lie?
In her eyes, that's true.
In her heart she's konfused.
Maybe she wanted proof?
But of what?
Suddenly she didnt believe.
Suddenly i was a lie.
Suddenly she was konfused.
She konvinced herself to believe in a lie that was disguised as the truth.
But there was no lie to begin with.
She turned the truth into a lie, and yet, konvinced herself to believe in it.
Konfusion at its best.
Love at its worst.
But for her sake, I'll play along.

Maybe I'm a lie after all.

by Justin C. Wallace

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