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Night Note 200

Hello my sweet love
and a very beautiful
good night to you as well.
I send you sweet kisses in comfort
and to let you know I am here.
I am sorry I was silent so long
but I truly was very sick
most all yesterday
and finally had to go to bed
for a bit in the late afternoon.
So I am sorry if you are
worried or very upset at me
but as ever have faith knowing
I'm doing my best my sweet lady.
I love you so much
and don't like coming up short
because you are my best friend
and true love I cherish to no end.

As I get up and will
shortly email you as I've wanted to
I just wish so much that I could hold you
while we dried each others tears.
I miss you so much and there
is a lot I'm stressing about,
and I want you to talk because
I know there is so very much
you are also dealing with.
We will help each other forever
because we have always loved,
cared, and been there for each other,
I just wish I could hold and kiss
you right now my sweet Angel.
God bless you for you are so beautiful
in all the right ways like a true Queen is.

So know I am with you
and be filled with pure warmth
as you feel my arms so tightly around you,
feel my lips upon your lips
as I give you sweet kisses all over,
never forget that your Michael
so truly loves you,
for you are a treasure so rare
and more than magnificently beautiful.
So as I now rise my heart sings out babe
and as I move around waking my brain
before I write you
just close your sweet eyes
and see my big smile knowing it's
for you and no other my Angel.
Have a good night and know
that I am reaching out
because I want you my dear best friend
to know that you're loved
more than anyone ever.

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