The Lie

Relax sit back & unwhind
we got too much times on our hands
when will we ever understand
People believe you are what you do
have we bitten off far more then we could chew
these are desolate times
but we settle for ill but fade rhymes
love has taken a back seat for lust
we got the cart ahead of the horse
of course you got to stay in school for all things cool
but we need to take a chill pill
not some cheap thrill in the back of the car
Satan makes everything appear good when its tainted bad
sad eyes pulsating in the Sunday news you'll sing the blues
those who are in their ivory tower our headed for a fall
the know it all who doesn't hear no matter what you say
there claim to fame is to look the other way
spaces, traces & faces
fat laces with the cigar in hand
when will we ever live to understand
you can't keep sticking it to the man with the plan
Jesus said Satan comes to kill, steal & destroy
that's his demonic ploy to get your eyes off the cross
the chief end in a tragic loss

the lie that says I'm the master of my fate
someday every knee will have to bow to the one we have to do
many have eyes but they can't see & ears but they cannot hear
the full message of his saving grace instead they live in Peyton Place
it's not a mistake someday you will see him in the sky
so why you being dumb & settling for the lie

by John Ackerman

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