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The Lies About Love

whoever said
it is better to have loved and lost
than to never have loved at all
for before this all
I didn't believe in love
I never knew it existed
but now I do
now I know what I am missing out on
I didn't going looking for love
it found me
this is not fair
I didn't ask for this
yes, it was wonderful well it lasted
but now that it is gone
I’m left wanting more
left aching
in a way I never knew I could
for this is a new pain
a pain I would never have had to felt
if it wasn't for love

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It is really painful when love ends. I've been through that.
i'm in love with a girl i might never be able to be with because of certain issues she has, i'm still so happy to even be in love, just to be around her, so i would just say that you're sad because you lost it, but you'll see it IS better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all
Omg what happened