The Life

I saw you there,
Talk to you I not dare,
I wonder if you saw me there,
Next time I might dare;

About you I wonder,
During this wander,
Who are you I wonder,
On this wander;

Talk to you did I,
Am I in your eye,
Know a bit of you do I,
Only you are in my eyes;

Today might be the day,
Best results I pray,
Together we become on this day,
Long for today I’ve prayed;

A couple moths have gone,
Gladly this is not done,
I pray you’re not gone,
No time can make this done;

Several years later,
Yea I still date her,
What will come later,
How much I love her;

Marriage has come,
Better this has become,
Long waited day has come,
Together as one we’ve become;

Thirty years have past,
This was your last,
I miss the past,
Our life is at its last.

by Tommy D'Attore

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