Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

What Does A Girl Do

Poem By Candi Sansing

nature and our planet
are special sacred holy
the life blood of all earth life...
when nature struggles humanity

when nature dies
humanity dies...
already industrial pollutants

diminish life quality
global warming super cell
unleashes disasters...
catastrophic Arctic ice melts

slow global
ocean currents
sea levels...
rising inundate coastal agriculture

eighty percent
of earth's mega cities
are sentenced will...
be swallowed under salt seas

rewriting destinies of countries
changing the shape of continents
swallowing low lying islands...
eating once familiar coastlines of the world

Comments about What Does A Girl Do

The support is a rare pleasure because you give and you care Greg and art is about giving. A mistake many people make in contemporary society for example is they worship singers and forget the song. The song, the prime message of the song if well written is important as part of the spirit of the age. Yes the voice style technique of the gifted singer is vital, and all great singers give entertain in performance, and our heart responds with excessive joy. In poetry we experience that happiness and joy in our belief in you. From the reading of your first poems it has been a privilege. It was not appropriate to say this before because you needed to know who you are and what you wanted to write first Greg. But we both know within you, you have always known and struggled to define this unique quality. You will remain steadfast and fixed with determination upon your literary and artist goals and the words will continue to come and rise within you and his is beautiful and the giving of a rare gift which you do not compromise. Your friend in art :) Terry.
Yes Soul I have believed in and affirmed my belief in the quality and importance of Greg Uhan's poetry since our first poetic discussions. Greg sometimes mirrors my thoughts 50 to 70% on topics and poems I never wrote at this age which Greg writes. It is a joy to read Greg and share so many important themes as master recognizes master in circles of life. Not all my poems are serious or important, most of Greg's writing will be; and for this reason I post some less personal early extracts from correspondence, in tribute to Greg Uhan. 8/20/2011 (Universal Dreams of Earthly Jhana by Greg Uhan) How fortunate am I to be first to comment on your poem. This poem is unique, a work of genius, the greatest poem of its kind on this site. If I said this in my comment you might be hounded by stalkers, an experienced I have suffered here. I can post this as an addition to my comment on this poem if you wish. But as artists, poets, you know how great is your achievement. Wonderful. I shall read again with pleasure many times. This is the first time I have read a modern poem of such enlightened insight, emotive passion and poetic brilliance on this site. more glory to your pen. 8/21/2011I think we are poets of similar caliber.... I think you need to write now. Your vision, not the influence of critics. I believed in my own voice, own vision, I believe in yours. will you write your soul, a purist, or fusion of others. this choice is yours... your imagery contrasts are often similar, metaphors more free ranging. 8/23/2011 It was a surprise and a pleasure to read your poems which I have read so far. I recognized the same voice, same questions, same fusion of motive ideas and ideals of my own first writings still extant. I have never read a contemporary poet with these aspirations which I also shared as you express yourself at this same age. You understand what you desire to say, search deep for elusive words to define thought and embrace a diversity of knowledge and ideas. Questions are at least as important as answers, and answers do come with time, across the years, and the blessings of more questions... Do not let other views dilute your purpose. You have many styles because your themes demand different styles, tone, voice, poetic effects. Your poems, some are long, critics might say too long; they are as they need to be, length is mastered by vision. Embrace the vision. ... There is a Buddhist belief that certain souls may enter the earth plane alone or in groups as friends or family, but with a common life purpose to experience and strive toward. Time is not relative. I see a commonality in thoughts, belief, purpose between us.... But you Greg will write poems like this, with the same power fusing drawing from every particle of your being. Masterpieces lesser poems all are important. You will give voice from America, where need is great, contemporary themes with your unique local insight and vision, which I as a foreigner cannot write. But already I rejoice in your success. Great poets write great words when civilizations are in flux. Yours will be written with light. Write the spirit of this age. Great artists embrace common ideals through mediums of music, words, paint, performance art, film. Your place awaits you Greg. ... 'You have reaffirmed my faith in the search for truth and beauty in all.' As an artist there will be mood swings, doubt, exhaustion, definitely nasty personal attacks. Remember to keep the faith, hope alive, reaffirm who you are....
I dont know when read some of your poems they reminded me to Greg, and when i read Greg works and i reminded to you...there are some overlap i felt...maybe the aura just recognizing the vibration between you two..and like this poem, your personalize words and thought into such a wide beautiful space, , , , also with critical issues_Unwritten Soul

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