Freedom Of Press

‘Freedom of Press’, ‘Freedom of Press’, the old lady cries
‘Shut the hell up’, the old man denies
‘Are you gay and how much do you pay? , the old lady asks
‘Shut the hell up’, the old man blasts
‘Tell me about the wife, is she still in your life? ’
‘Cleaning her teeth, busy is the wife’
‘Tell me about the dog, is it the one? ’
‘My life’s my own, not for everyone’
‘So it is the dog, isn’t it the dog? ’
‘I wouldn’t do a dog, would never do a dog’
‘You don’t say much, tell me something new’
‘Hmmm…is the evening convenient for you’
‘Evening is perfect, your place or mine’
‘Your place is better, I got something on my mind’
‘Would you like to see the freedom of press’
‘I am dying to see this freedom that you stress’

The old man sleeps, the old lady writes
The dog is in the yard, the wife never bites
Nation awakes to a dawn of celebrity
Those in the toga shout ‘death of morality’
Audio, video and debates and interviews
Oh Lord, who took away my news?
Morality-shmorality nobody buys
‘Freedom of press’ the old lady cries

by Purushottam DDD

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Superb mastermind writing of life
''The life of man is threescore years and ten, Or, if that he be strong, perhaps fourscore; Yet all things are but labour to him then, New sorrows still come on, pleasures no more. Why should there be such turmoil and such strife, To spin in length this feeble line of life? '' - Sir Francis Bacon, 'Translation of Certain Psalms into English Verse'
''A soldier's a man; A life's but a span.'' - William Shakespeare, 'Othello' ''The world's a bubble, and the life of man Less than a span.'' - Sir Francis Bacon, 'Translation of Greek Epigram into English Verse'
Indeed the lie of this world is very small and we plan to make permanent house here....
It has some truth, but not all. It it were so we should fall.
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