RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

The Life Of Shiridi Sai Baba

Is He Jesus Christ? Yes.
Is He Allah? Yes.
Is He Krishna? Yes
Is He Nanak? Yes.

Who's this 'all in one'
Acclaimed saintly person?
'Sai, ' He's, with love, called
'Sai Baba, ' He's pet named.

Where actually he was born
To no one, it's known?
At Shridi in India he stayed
And there, at last, He died.

To the Hindus, He spoke
Of 'Allah Malik' at one stroke.
To the Muslims, He revealed
What Baghvad Gita had said?

'There's no need for conversion
From religion to religion
As to reach the goal of each one
There remains the same path one.'

'Even after my death
Call me to this earth
From my Samadhi, I shall rise
To wipe out your tears.'

'Towards me your step one
Towards you pull my steps ten.
Why do you've any fear
When I'm near you here? '

'To visit my Samadhi you come
Happy ever you shall become.
All your worries shall vanish
Once I fulfill your every wish.'

'Load all your worries on me
And happy always you shall be.
The moment you think of me,
I'll rush to you the same time.'

'In my devotees' houses
There shall be no wants.
As I take care always
Of all their daily needs.'

His life full of such promises
To every one of His devotees
Wide spread His name across
Among the world of ailing mass.

Thousands visit His Samadhi,
Every day and night at Shiridi.
He's one of the saints on this earth
Still active even after His death?

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He is all in one. It's a beautiful write up.