Cruel Jest

How could I possibly
In my right mind and conscience
Bring another person into existence
Fully knowing the environment they will be forced to eek out a survival in
In my lifetime
Let alone theirs
I will see the end of glaciers
I will witness the change of ocean currents
The melt of the poles
I will watch as rainforests are decimated
Fuel reserves depleted
Drinking wells tainted
Toxins spewed into the atmosphere at accelerating rates
The permafrosts will thaw
Overpopulation will snowball
Shortages will dominate the political spectrum
We won't be fighting wars over oil
We'll be fighting over food
Over water
Over breathable air
Bring a life into this fate?
A helpless child?
You're joking right?

by Mike Smiff

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He is all in one. It's a beautiful write up.