The Life Of Tiyler

Post traumatic stress disorder
I something I have been diagnosed with
This is something I have to live with
Every day I have to live on the border

I had paranoia
yet that was cured
Every day I was lured
My mind could not find my giant sequoia

I cannot handle stress too much
as when this happens I get psychotic
I have to take some narcotic's
To stop me going to far and the such.

by tiyler durden

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Very honest thanks for sharing. Just tell em' all your name is now Wes and you don't need this mess of stress! Have a wonderful day! Patricia
I like your honesty, Tyler, and I like the two previous comments.
What you have to know tiyler, is that you are not on your own. Not at all. Your condition is something that a lot suffer from and probably don't even get it diagnosed. My advice is, avoid stress. Just walk away. And get as much love as you can in your life. That means, putting it out there, which you can do easily, from what I know of you! Narcotics are a quick fix but have a big down side. I am sure you know all about those. In my opinion, we have to control our mind thoughts. Who is truly the boss of our minds? I say, we are. That is what I try to do. Tai Chi is a massive help. Try something like it, which will help relax you. That is another key. Relaxation, which when you have been traumatised is particularly difficult to achieve. Yoga etc, really help you to train the mind to relax, along with the body. When those thoughts come in, kick them out, straight away. You have to practice it, and it will get easier to do. Just use everything at your disposal, to make yourself feel good. You are just married! long baths together, are a great way to relax too! lol Take all the good things in your life and hold them, treasure them. You have lots, from what I can see, and I can see through walls ya know? Keep writing, for sure. A great reliever of stress and distress. again from my experience. I can't stop writing myself.10 from Tai, despite the odd typo. Smiling at you.
life is difficult yet more difficult the sielnce which never ends until the grave calls your name these words so clearly proclaim the soul's effort to recover the joy inherent in every heart a fine poem
Hang in there Buddy, go have a nice holliday and don't worry OK, dave your friend until the end