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The Life Stealer

it steals the lives
from the ones we love
to prove a point
that cannot yet be seen

the stronger it grows
the more it takes away
the closer it leads
to the death of many

snatching lives away
one by one
it eats our hope
until there is none

it destroys
what we try to fix
sucking away
who we tried to help

eating away at our suffering
trying to survive
so it can kill more
to tear us apart from who we love

the killer attacks without notice
like an assassin
trained not to be seen
until its too late

the thing that takes lives away
is the thing that is so limited

it cannot cripple love
it cannot shatter hope
it cannot corrode faith
it cannot destroy peace
it cannot kill friendship
it cannot suppress memories
it cannot silence courage
it cannot invade the soul
it cannot steal eternal life
it cannot conquer the spirit

yet it can kill many
cause we can't
fight it

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