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The Lift Was Out
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Lift Was Out

The lift was out, and people walked
down from the thirteenth floor
some also went (but never talked)
upstairs which was a chore.

I had a meeting with the man
from Daimler Chrysler there
had driven up in my big Jeep
to show a certain flair.

I'm always punctual by God
and time was running thin
I gave myself a sudden nod
and switched on my best grin.

Clicked into LOW, released the brake
and started up the wall
I was not sure if we would make
a window, they were small.

Well, in the end the penthouse was
ideal for the landing
I heard the oh's and oys and aaws,
the climb was quite demanding.

The president of Chrysler Jeep
asked me to park the brute
remarked that thirteen floors was steep
and offered me some fruit.

As you can see there ain't a thing
that stops my Juliette
and if you're looking for the king
you've found him and his pet.

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Comments (3)

I know, I know. But can we PLEASE call her not a truck but a soulmate, a friend, a whatever. But not a truck. Thanks, Mahnaz, I would call you (if it were not for hubby) some really sweet names. Best wishes H
It seems you have found your match in a truck Herbert....Love the poem! !
Sounds like you and 'Juliette' are enjoying some quality time together huh? There's a really cool, jacked-up jeep down the road that we can't help admiring...reminds me of you when I see it. Great poem Herbert. Sincerely, Mary