The Light

Why is the light slipping of?
I tried to hold on to you,
But you were slipping through my fingertips.
Your door closed on me so many times.
But I continued to hold the what ifs.
I loved you from the start.
I knew my heart was yours from the wor go.
Now I know how much this hurts.
My lights are going off.
I'm the one aching, I'm bruised, torn in two.
You were trouble from the start,
I didn't read the warning signs.
Let me say this,
Life is too short for me to hold the what ifs.
And although I love you more than life,
I can't hang around waiting for forever to come.
I think I waited for you to save me.
Now the night is cold,
The stars no longer shine.
I loved you more with every mile you drove away,
But now it's me who sits behind the steering wheel
Hoping to let you go.
I've traveled on too many open roads but none had
Hurt me this much, I ache.
I'm taking the keys, I'm walking out the door,
I'm going to try to love you no more.
Yes I Tried to build walls to keep you outside,
But baby they were tumbling down.
These butterflies won't go away; everyday
you were like an unreachable dream, now I'm letting go.
It keeps raining in my heart, these gray clouds remain.
There are these tears in my eyes as I'm driving away,
baby please try to understand there's no turning back.
I can't pretend I don't love you.
I can't stop hurting knowing you don't feel the same.
This flame burning was dying from the start I couldn't keep
The wind from blowing it off on my own.
I was so caught up in the lights of your shadow but now it's time I follow my own shadow and try to live my life.

by Aphet Mbutao

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