ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

The Light

I am sinner walking down
the road of life in pain
engulfed by darkness, doubt and fear
each step I take in vain

I see a light way down the road
it's faint but yet it's sure
and something tells me for my pain
this light will be a cure

the light grows stronger with each step
and with each step I feel
that I no longer walk in vain
that life can still be real

the light becomes a beacon and
the road gets very clear
this light brings reason to my doubt
and takes away my fear

at last I stand within the light
God placed it there for me
and led me to its healing force
the light is Calvary

beyond the light I see a sign
the letters start to glow
it reads 'Salvation Up Ahead'
and down the road I go

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